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JuzSolutions’ primary goal is to assist companies facing business challenges caused by

  • the rapid growth and complexity of technology being introduced in the market today,
  • out of date/inefficient business practices
  • and/or the critical skills required to address these issues.


We offer solutions to government entities, the healthcare industry, and commercial companies by leveraging technology and business operations to enable growth and improve operational efficiency in the areas of:


  • Technology assimilation (helping clients to leverage technology as a business enabler)
  • Staffing qualified critical resources
  • Business analytics
  • Business process improvements
  • Streamlining business processes



Finding that critical resource is much more than just filling open positions:


  • Changes due to constantly evolving business landscape
  • The need to make a strategic hiring decision


JuzSolutions takes a different approach in addressing your staffing needs by looking at your overall business environment to develop a hiring formula that enables you to meet your business goals.






We deliver programs that enhance leadership talent within your organization.

Even the most dynamic organizations are at risk of losing their effectiveness and/or competitive advantage due to:


  • A shortage of critical skills to implement change
  • Inability to improve systems and process inefficiencies caused by old technology
  • Broken processes or Outdated processes and practices







JuzSolutions optimizes your business processes for operational excellence.

JuzSolutions develops solutions to optimize your technology assimilation towards an improved ROI.


With the rapid rate of technological change, some organizations may find it difficult to assimilate new technology into their daily operations to close the gap between technology and integrate it with process and procedures.


Possible impacts could result in:

  • Overwhelmed personnel resulting in lost productivity and/or turnover
  • Inefficient implementation
  • Technology not being assimilated






Consulting on complex business and technology challenges



JuzSolutions provides business enabling strategies to organizations experiencing technology, critical skills shortage and business process challenges


  • We offer share risk pricing
  • We offer and deliver excellence
  • We help you succeed
  • We help identify existing issues and show you the best strategies to resolve them



Small disabled veteran, minority owned business with over 30 years of identifying and translating customers’ requirements into successful business solutions


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