Business Model

A company’s business model is a representation of its core business practices, and part of a comprehensive business strategy. Business models offer details about the structure of an organization and how it works internally. The model will also offer information […]


What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the exchange of medical information, the remote diagnoses and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology. This approach has evolved from the increased use of technology in our daily lives and it’s now becoming an important […]

The Business of SIC Codes and Their Importance-Juz Solutions

There are many different levels of business, many directly dependent on WHO you are doing business with. Doing business with the federal government means there are additional classifications that will help define the type of business you have. One of […]

Business Process

Managing and operating a business successfully is a challenging undertaking and an endless series of tasks. In a market filled with competitors, it has become very important to manage your business efficiently, as even one misstep can prove to be […]

Understanding the Leadership Development Culture A high-performing company relies on an engaged, well-prepared, and well-trained workforce. According to an article from, every company should invest in leadership development program for several key reasons, one of which is to create […]

The environment for all business is rapidly changing. This change is fueled in part by digital technology, as well as increased information processing power. Technology in itself changes nothing. However, what people do with technology alters and transforms business landscapes. […]

Once the sole realm of IT departments, digital technology is increasingly becoming essential across all business processes, and it serves as an enabler for business growth, innovation, and operational effectiveness. By applying technology to a product, service, or business concept, […]

Did you know that inefficient business processes have five times more impact on the customer than the delivery of a poor product? In today’s competitive global marketplace, that’s simply not an option. Business processes are meant to be simple but […]

JuzSolutions, CEO Dane Donaldson has been featured in Minority Enterprise Advocate Magazine- Special Edition 2016 as a consummate leader who believes that a passion for excellence will help you in your professional life. JuzSolutions’ primary goal is to assist companies facing […]